Understanding Floor Matting in St Louis

Floor Matting in St Louis

Our floor matting in St. Louis is the first line of defense for your facility against soil, contaminants and debris. Dutch Hollow Supplies provides high-quality floor mats that preserve your floors and keep your facility cleaner and safer. Choosing the right matting depends on many factors, including location, foot traffic and more. This glossary will help you understand the most common floor matting terms and make the best choice for your facility.

Floor Matting in St Louis

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Comfortable workers are more productive workers, and our anti-fatigue floor matting in St. Louis will help your staff feel their best. These mats are essential in areas where workers spend prolonged periods of time standing and are an ideal solution for any healthcare, industrial, office, commercial, retail or laboratory environment. Our team of experts can help you choose the anti-fatigue floor matting St Louis that best meets your budget and needs.

Floor Matting in St Louis

Anti-Microbial Floor Mats

These mats are made with special agents that prevent or inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the mat surface. They can also withstand many types of bacteria and fungi. It’s important to know that the anti-microbial properties are limited to the mats only and do not transfer to other surfaces they may come into contact with.

Entrance Matting in St Louis

Create a great first impression on your visitors and remove moisture, grit and dirt from reaching your floors with our entrance matting systems. These products extend the life of your floors, reduce maintenance costs and create a safer entryway to your business.

Floor Matting in St Louis

Flow-Through Matting

Flow-through floor matting in St. Louis is essential for keeping wet areas safe. Use these mats to prevent slips and falls in areas like showers, pool areas, sink areas, decks or locker rooms. Water flows through to keep walking surfaces dry and safe.

Floor Matting in St Louis

Interior Matting

Suitable for low to high traffic industrial, healthcare, retail or other establishments, these heavy- duty mats help retain debris and moisture and add another element of protection for your floors.

We are happy to help you select the best floor matting in St Louis for your needs! Contact us today for our top recommendations.

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