Vacuuming Best Practices

Vacuuming Tips

If you’re a cleaning professional, there are certain tasks you do day-in, day-out. You can probably do them with your eyes closed by now. While reaching that level of experience is beneficial in many ways, it also puts us at risk of cutting corners and getting a little too comfortable on the job. When you do something so frequently, sometimes you let the fundamentals slide just a bit. Vacuuming is one of those tasks, so here are some reminders on ten best practices you should use even if you’ve been vacuuming every day for years!

Clean your filters.

You need to keep your filters clean to maximize efficiency. Check them regularly and clean and replace them when necessary.

Change the bags.

If air isn’t properly flowing through the bags, your vacuum cleaner can’t pick up material. Check them often and change when needed.

Listen carefully.

Pay attention to the way your vacuum sounds on a good day. If you notice a change in sound, look for blockages. The change in sound is one way your vacuum will let you know there is an issue.

Stop bending over.

If you look like you’re scrubbing the floor when you’re running your vacuum, you’re doing it wrong! Save your back and your machine by standing straight and allowing the vacuum to do the work for you.

Don’t skip edges.

Use your attachments to really clean the edges of every room you vacuum. That’s where dirt and debris tend to gather the most, and your customers will notice if you’ve been skipping them.

Coil your cables.

Avoid damages to the cord by coiling them every time you use your vacuum. This will prevent twisting and unnecessary damages.

Clean your equipment.

Many professionals skip this step, and clients will eventually notice. Clean your vac inside and out using a damp cloth. This keeps your equipment in good repair and also makes it look professional, helping you make a more positive impression on your clients, your team and the public.

Pull instead of carrying.

It may feel easier to carrying your equipment instead of pulling it from one location to another, but you aren’t doing your back any favors. Use the vacuum’s wheels to pull it where you need to go, and only carry it if you need to move upstairs.

Carry scissors.

Scissors are a handy tool to have if any hair or debris collects around your roller brush. Simply snip it off so you can keep cleaning.

Upgrade your equipment.

If your vacuum simply isn’t performing as well as you need it to, it may be time for an upgrade. Contact us today to schedule your FREE demo of our best upright vacuums in St Louis!

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