Well-Stocked Safety Supplies Are Good for Businesses’ Bottom Lines

If you could boost employee morale, save money, and improve productivity, would you? Of course, any business owner will answer yes. However, not all businesses understand just how big the impact of safety supplies can be.

What the Numbers Say

Every year, businesses lose around $170 billion on occupational illnesses and injuries. These expenses take a huge bite straight out of business profits. The great news is that workplaces and offices that observe proper health management, establish effective safety systems, and keep ample and correct safety supplies on hand can reduce their illness and injury costs by as much as 40%.

In addition, injuries and illnesses increase retraining costs and compensation, faulty products, and absenteeism. Even worse, these events decrease profits, morale, and productivity. Employees that don’t feel safe don’t work well, so it’s in the interest of every business to ensure their peace of mind with regard to their well-being.

In fact, studies show that a Fortune 500 company can increase productivity by as much as 15%, thanks to strong safety and health standards, while even a 50-person plant can save hundreds of thousands of dollars with a similarly strong safety program.

In today’s extremely competitive market, these numbers may spell the difference between continued growth or running in the red.

Creating a Safe Place to Work

Workplaces that actively observe safety and health are often regarded as better places to work. In addition, they also have more productive and happier employees. Not only that, but they also produce services and products of higher quality. A properly managed office should not only have plenty of office supplies in St. Louis, but the right safety supplies as well.

For instance, facility managers can reduce hazard by ensuring that there are sturdy safety cones, strong hard hats, enough fire extinguishers, and high-impact safety goggles to help prevent accidents.

Those in traditional offices might want to look into more ergonomic support to protect employees. In addition, all workplaces should have an organized and full first aid kit. This can include everything from cotton, eye wash solutions, cold packs, and anti-septic wipes to bandages.

The advantages of a safe and healthy workplace are clear. Not only are they good for the bottom line, but they create wonderful places to work in as well. Make sure to source your safety supplies from a reliable distributor to ensure their quality and maximize your benefits.

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