Winter Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Floor Scrubber at Peak Performance

Cold weather creates unique challenges for floor care, especially in areas like ours where snow, debris, salt and moisture are tracked inside. Properly maintaining your floor scrubber can keep it working effectively and efficiently throughout the season. Take these steps to get peak performance out of your equipment, no matter the weather.

Maintain Your Squeegee

Taking care of your squeegee blade is essential no matter the season. A misaligned or worn-out blade can leave debris and water behind, negating any good your floor scrubber does. Always make sure the squeegee blade touches the floor, and set the height properly so the squeegee has even pressure across the blade.

If the pressure is off, you’ll notice streaking, skipping or a film of water left behind on the floor.

In winter, salt and debris can get caught in the squeegee’s back edge, leading to streaking. Prevent this by removing the assembly after use, flipping it over and cleaning the edges with a rag.

Sweep Debris Before Scrubbing

Adding this quick step during winter can reduce the risk of salt blocking vacuum hoses or getting stuck in the squeegee.

Empty the Debris Tray

This is important in any season, but emptying the debris tray regularly is vital in winter when more debris can be easily tracked inside. Empty your tray after every use to avoid blockages and keep your floor scrubber pickup up water efficiently.

Fill and Charge Your Battery

Fill and charge the wet battery on your scrubber and keep it fully charged. A full charge makes your battery better able to withstand freezing temps.

Following these tips and regularly maintaining your floor scrubber can keep your equipment operating at peak capacity year-round. If you have any questions about floor care or maintaining your equipment, contact us today.

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