4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Office Chair

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Most office employees spend at least eight hours a day at work. If you’re spending that time hunched over a desk in an uncomfortable, awkward chair, those eight hours can feel like an eternity. Ergonomics are essential in the office, and choosing the right type of chair is important for creating an environment that promotes productivity. Follow these tips to choose the right chairs for your office!

Padding vs. Mesh

Office chairs with padding increase comfort, but if your work environment tends to be warm, a chair with a ventilated mesh back may be better. These types of chairs are soft and comfortable but won’t add heat, and they are typically curved to properly support the spine. For comfort’s sake, stay away from faux-leather and leather if you’re worried about warmth.

Armrests are Optional

Whether or not to opt for an office chair with armrests is a personal choice. Some people find the support comfortable, but others feel that armrests just get in the way. Consider the way you sit while working at your desk, because armrests may put extra, unnecessary pressure on your elbows and cause discomfort depending on your position.

Alternatives to Chairs

Chairs are undoubtedly the traditional seat of choice for offices, but they don’t suit everyone. If you experience back issues, a stool may be better for promoting good posture. If you do opt for a traditional chair, choose the right height: your feet should grace the ground comfortably, and you shouldn’t have to slouch over to do your work. If your feet cannot reach the ground comfortably, use a footrest to avoid adding stress to your thighs.

Make Adjustments

A great office chair will have an adjustable height and a tilt function. Adjust to your comfort level and lock the chair into place. A good chair won’t move excessively or rock as you are working, and it should provide comfortable support for your back, head and neck as you work for extended periods of time.

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